Getting Started

Step One:
Inform and Advise

You tell us about your church, organization or business. We want to know all about it: what do you envision, tell us if you’re ready to take your ideas to the next level. If you’re a business we want to know your industry, your competition, the products and services you offer, what makes you different from others in the same industry, where you are now, and where you want to go. This information allows us to develop and customize a solution especially for you. By opening up and sharing with us your thoughts, we learn more about you as a client and the people you serve, which enables us to serve you better and assist you in reaching your goals.

Step Two:

A goal without a plan is just a wish. We want to assist you in making your wishes a reality. This is the step in which we look closely at other websites in your industry to determine what is needed to set you apart. We discuss features you desire to have and need, figure out what will and won’t work for you and then we develop the framework for your website.
During this stage, we’ll develop an effective plan, with stages of completion and target deadlines and discuss training options available to maintain your site. We’ll conference with you to ensure everything meets up to your expectations and answer any questions you may have. To enable the project to move with ease, if there are any adjustments that need to be made they’ll be done at this time.

Step Three:
Design and Development

Hang on we’re just getting started. We’ll start working on your website project. We’ll design and develop your website according to the plan while including the features you requested. During this stage we’ll test and re-test to make sure everything functions as it is supposed to, so when the site goes live, you’ll have no worries.
You’ll be able to see our progress as we create your website with a special development link which will enable you to watch your project unfold.
When this stage is complete, we’ll conference with you again to confirm that everything meets your expectations. If not we’ll discuss concerns and make adjustments. Throughout the design and development process you will be able to see everything from beginning to end. Should you have any questions we’ll always provide more clarification.
Finishing Touches

Step Four:
Content Development

During this stage, if you have not provided any content, our content development team will develop the words for your website’s pages. Our writers will create compelling and engaging content that consist of keywords that will help you be seen on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
You’ll have the ability to review the content and once it is approved by you, we’ll place it into the framework, so you can see the completed project before we launch your website to the world.

Step Five:

During this phase, we’ll give you the option to receive hands-on-training for you and your staff to ensure you can maintain your website should you decide to handle the maintenance yourself.
If you don’t want to handle the maintenance of your website, we can handle it for you. We believe the upkeep of your website is an essential part of your website’s success and is necessary in order for you to obtain your church, organization or business goals.

Step Six:
Launch of Website

Once you have given us your approval, we’ll move your website from our development server to a live active status. Your site will be visible for all to see.
When your site goes to a live active status, we’ll do a complete test to eliminate potential problems and to make sure everything is working properly and we’ll remain available to address any issues or concerns you may have.
Our job isn’t finished yet. If you like we’ll assist you with marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing in addition to other strategies to increase your website traffic.
We want you to be successful and the ideas you envisioned about your church, organization or business to materialize.