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Content Syndication

When you operate multiple Websites under one organization, you quickly realize that you need a good way to maintain consistency and quality. This is especially important for multi-site churches, nonprofits and ministries with multiple locations, or other sites that share content. The Content Syndication tool allows you to share or copy content. What this means is that the site where you create the original page can be seen on the sites where you want to have that particular page appear.

Emergency Announcement Engine
For situations when you need to get an announcement out to your website visitors in plain-view, use the Emergency Announcement Engine. It’s perfect for conditions such as:

  • Weather-related cancellations
  • Last-minute schedule changes
  • Major prayer requests
  • Any other items requiring immediate attention

The Emergency Announcement Engine can also be used as a great resource to publicize any item that affects your entire church, business or organization.

Footer manager
Your site will have the ability to have a common footer bar that can appear on every page of the site. The footer normally shows information like contact information, copyright messages, terms of service, Privacy Policy links, etc. You also have the ability to create different footers for each section of your site if you’d like. Internet Image Team footers can also display a dynamic list of all of your navigation categories, which adds in search engine optimization, as well as a helpful tool to make it easier for people to navigate your site when they scroll down to the bottom of your pages.
Full Navigation Menu Control

Every Internet Image Team Website includes effective adjustable navigation menus. This means that you can easily add, modify, or delete items from your menu at any time. Our system supports two levels of navigation, so you can have main menus and sub-menus.  Menu items can point to any page on your website, or you can even point menu items to outside websites.

Member Profiles

Internet Image Team’s powerful user management system allows your clients/members to register, login, and manage their own profiles. This gives them the ability to keep vital information–address, phone number, email and passwords-up-to-date. It also increases the quality of your membership data, since the people are managing their own information

Password-Protect Pages

In general, most pages on your website will be intended for the general public however you may have certain types of information that is only meant for managers, leaders, facilitators, or staff.  In this case, you will have the ability to designate who has access to see your sensitive material.  You will have available a list of all the available security levels.  All you would have to do is just choose the minimum user level, who is allowed to see this page and that’s it, you’re done!  You will also have the ability to create groups or departments who have access to areas of your site.  Any visitors who do not have “at least” that level of security will not be allowed to see the information. 

User Management

Everyone using your site is considered a user but you have complete control over who has access to your site and what they can and can’t do. You have the ability to assign users to certain groups within your church, organization or business, to ensure that the right people are working on the right pages.

Visitors from the general public may register a new account on the website, or you can set up their accounts yourself.  All users must be registered to perform certain actions, such as event registration, accessing private pages, etc.  Users can make changes to their own profiles at any time.

Web Network/Multi-Campus

Your church, business or organization might hold activities in multiple locations or campuses or have banner programs or departments with unique names, logos, or specific demographics.

If that’s the case, it sometimes makes sense to provide a high-visibility link from the main home page. Internet Image Team’s Web Network is an inventive way to address this need. You can add your major groups or programs to your Web Network, which gives visitors an easy way to reach these groups from any other place on your website.

Automated Sitemap

The sitemap is a simple document that announces your Website content to outside search engines, as well as other web crawlers. It is a key ingredient in your efforts of overall Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Image Team automates this process, providing you with an always-current, always-available XML feed for all of your web content.

Embed Third-Party Video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

While Internet Image Team offers industry-leading video and media integration tools, we also fully support the use of free video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo and if you want, you also have the ability to host a live stream.

Mobile Compatibility

People like the convenience to view websites from wherever they are with the use of mobile platforms such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, and others.  Mobile platforms are becoming more popular than ever as a dominant resource for you to share your website. Internet Image Team provides peace of mind when it comes to the mobile compatibility of your site.

Prayer Engine Integration

Internet Image Team gives you the option to have a powerful prayer wall built into any page on your site. We have a leading online tool for prayer request management.  It supports specific named or anonymous prayer requests.

There is a separate one-time licensing fee required to purchase the Prayer Engine application. Once that is done the Prayer Engine can be installed and we can embed the prayer wall on any page or on multiple pages of your site.

RSS Feed Publisher

The RSS Feed Publisher gives your content the power to travel beyond the bounds of your Website. It automatically creates various feeds from the content on your site, and makes them available to other platforms, devices and systems that use the specifications of standard RSS.

RSS Feed Reader

Many of our clients have outside sources for news, such as Twitter feeds, blogs, syndicated content, social networking sites and others. These outside services normally publish this information in a standard format, called RSS. With Internet Image Team, you can embed an RSS feed into any page of your site. This enables you to show headlines on YOUR site from ANOTHER location. You can publish content from other sources, right alongside the information you add with Internet Image Team… and have it all look consistent.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Image Team gives you tools to help stand out and achieve better page rank on major search engines.

Small Group Search

You can publish a searchable list of groups, studies, or classes on your site. Visitors can search your groups by any category you provide.