Internet Image Team

Design Features

“Good web design is about the character of the content, not the character of the designer.” – Jeffrey Zeldman
Content Rotators

Each website created by Internet Image Team is designed with its own blend of effective content. Random images, promotional graphics, ad engines, scheduled headlines or text based links can be included on the Content Rotators.  To help you manage your website content, our team of specialists will determine which system is right for your specific needs according to the design of your site.

Design Assistance

The majority of text-based designs will be able to be completed by your staff and volunteers.  If you have a team of people who possess graphic skills that’s great! They can create logos, landing pages, videos, images etc. and place them on you website. In case you don’t have a team with graphic skills, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a team of graphic designers that can create a professional design for you. We can also assist you with page layout, photo retouching, mobile web design and development Additional fees for our designers may apply in accordance to your Internet Image Team package plan.  We have a no surprise policy therefore you’ll always be given an estimate before we begin any work.


You can create a name directory of your members, staff, volunteers etc. and you have the power to create as many as you want. You have many fields to choose from such as name, bio text, title, etc. You can divide your directory into subcategories like divisions or departments and you have the ability to show each member of the directory by name, photo or a combination of both.  You can display the directory anywhere on your site and you have the power to make changes whenever you feel like it.

Font Options

You can use the built-in-fonts that our Internet Image Team designers choose for your website, or you have the option to choose your own. Certain Internet Image Team themes may be limited to the amount of freedom you have to change the font styles but most cases you have the freedom to add your own


Although Internet Image Team provides an awesome calendar to keep track and post your upcoming events, sometimes there are those major particular events that warrant special attention and need to be highlighted on the home page. The Internet Image Team provides you with a Home Page Spotlight.  Selected events or announcements can be displayed in a designated scrolling area on your home page. Each event/announcement can display limited text, an image and a link.

Image Uploads

Internet Image Team makes it easy to upload your digital camera, smartphone, email, scanned and other types of images though our Image Upload system. You have complete control over sizing your images and have the power to use your images wherever you like on your website.

Photo Galleries

You have heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If this is true then a gallery of 5 pictures is equivalent to 5000 words of content. This content has the ability to keep visitors attention for much longer than they the time it takes you to read this paragraph. So add more pictures to your site and have your visitors stay a while longer.

Photo Resizing

Internet Image Team realizes that photos can come from anywhere, whether it be smartphones, digital cameras, an email attachment or a scanned print from a newspaper or magazine.  To give you a more professional look you will have the power to specify the size of your images by height, width, percentage or specific dimension.  Our team of specialist will always be there to assist you.


Internet Image Team allows you the option to have different designs within the same website.  This may be according to the way your church, organization or business is organized.  A common situation for instance might be you specialize in two or more businesses areas.  You may be a financial planner and offer tax office services and have a health insurance marketplace all under the same umbrella, or you may have a main website for your church, but you want the outreach ministry to look more community oriented.  Some other common uses would be different layouts for landing pages and special activities or you may want to do seasonal changes to the design of your site such as Easter, Christmas, Spring Summer, Fall etc. Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination!