Event Signup Reports

You will have the power to easily create event registration forms. The system is designed to be used for just about anything that requires a signup or payment.  Authorized users can view real-time reports once someone signs-up on the system.  As long as the information was requested in the signup form, reports can display the number of orders, and basic details in a list or a custom report can be created showing only the columns and fields you want displayed.  This is an awesome feature to enable you to keep track of your data as the information is portable and can be exported to MS Excel format. Once the information is in Excel, you can then import it to most any popular database software for use in the future.

Email Newsletters

A great way to let people know what’s going on with your business or organization is through regular email newsletters or you may have a specific need to send out a message at the last minute.  In addition to give your email a more professional look, you will have the option to include graphics in your newsletter.   You can log in anytime and see an archive of previous emails that were sent, or re-send a message to specific subscribers who may not have received the email newsletter the first time. Visitors to your website have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe. That way no one will be forced to receive an email newsletter if they don’t want it.

Invite/Refer a Friend

People have a tendency to trust communications from people they know. Your members, supporters, clients or customers are the best outreach team you can find….put them to good use!  Promote your announcements and events with the Invite-a-Friend feature.  This allows visitors to your site to send a personalized email invitation to others. You have the option to offer various invitation designs giving the sender the option to type a personalized message to the recipient encouraging them to visit your website, event or business at the courtesy of someone they already know.

Site Search

To make it easier for the visitors to your website we’ve added an easy-to-use search box on every page. You determine which pages you want to make searchable and how they are found.  This is done by adding keywords to your pages.  These are words that you think your visitors would use to find information on your site include common misspellings, names of people, places, things, events, etc. Once you enter that information, the search engine will be able to display your page to visitors if they search using any of the keywords that you have entered.


A simple but very powerful way for your website visitors to automatically receive your recent audio/video programming is podcasting.  You can create as many podcast channels as you like, hand pick past programs to be part of east podcast channel, programs can contain audio/ video, title/author/date information in addition to an optional image.  Anyone with a portable audio device and a podcast reader can subscribe to your programs. Each time a new program is published with the Media Suite tools it will be downloaded automatically to the audio devices of your subscribers. In addition your Podcast feeds are ready for submission to the iTunes store.

Quotes/Scripture Verses

You have the ability to add motivational messages, scripture verses, quotes from authors or even testimonial quotes from your members/clients or customers. You also have the option to add to each quote whatever photo or image that you choose. You can decide if you want to include quotes on all your pages or just a few.  You can even customize for a specific page on your site to always display the same motivational messages, scripture verses or quotes or whether it displays it randomly each time.  This is an awesome way to provide inspirational thoughts to your website visitors and it will keep them coming back for more.


Adding and editing calendar events on your website is made simple!  You can pin down dates, descriptions, location information, and contact information for each activity or event.  The calendar can be viewed four different ways, by Day, Agenda, Week, and Month. You have the ability to link calendar events to other pages on your website.


Internet Image Team gives you the freedom to make links! This is a must for every website.  This function enables you to create text links, image links, video links, PDF links, and so on.

Articles & Blogs

The Internet Image Team Articles & Blogs manager grants you access to create unlimited blogs or articles on your Website.  Blogs are a writers’ or group of writers own experience, observation or opinions.  With a flexible security setting, you have control over the type of comments that are posted, who has authority to make posts and the way the post appears on the site.  A unique feature of the Internet Image Team blog is that it allows other people to submit comments without having access to the backend of the website.

Forms & Polls

The ability to create forms on your website is made simple. With the Internet Image Team form designer and Page Editor you have the ability to add different types of questions such as type-in, checkboxes, multiple choices and more. You decide which questions are relevant and what questions are optional. You have control over who should be notified when a new form submission is received. You have the ability to retrieve the data and form results at any time and have the ability to download the responses in Microsoft Excel format.

File Uploads

Placing files on your website is as simple as dragging and dropping.  Depending on which web browser you use the File Upload Manager lets you send multiple files to the server.  Any type files like documents, images, audio/video, Zip files, PowerPoint slides, etc. can be easily dragged and dropped. The system is designed to automatically detect most file types and place them in your file cabinet. This system makes it simple to place a link to these files wherever you want them to be on any page of your website. There’s no need to upload a file more than once.  One time is all it takes for you to have unlimited usage across your website. The process of deleting files is also made simple.  The Internet Image Team offers a liberal amount of file storage in accordance to your plan and you have the option to request additional storage at any time.

Opportunity Database

An awesome way for non-profits and businesses to encourage a higher level of participation from members and clients is to get them plugged in to the right opportunities. This could be an opportunity to volunteer ones services or an opportunity for one to expand their knowledge base about a particular product or service.   It is surprisingly shocking the number of your members or clients that would participate in opportunities if they knew they were available.  The Internet Image Team Opportunity Database brings the people who are looking for an opportunity to the non-profits and businesses that are looking for them.  The program is quite simple, visitors to your website can search for opportunities based on information you put in the system such as type of event, type of people needed, location, dates available or if it’s an ongoing or one-time opportunity etc.  You just publicize an opportunity and take signups.  You can even list opportunities that you may know of from other sources.

Unlimited pages with Full Canvas

You can create as many pages as you want with the Internet Image Team, there is no limit. Our designs offer a variety of options which include pre-crafted layouts and Full Canvas.  What we’re saying in a nutshell is that the width of the full page is available for your creativity. Whether it includes large images, custom landing pages, streaming video players, online giving, shopping carts embedded frames from third-party databases, tables etc.

Admin Monitoring Unit

This is the control panel in which you will have access to the website’s admin console. This can be seen from any up-to-date web browser.  The admin console is the heart of your website.  You can use it to edit your current pages, use it to add new pages to your site, use it to manage your calendar events, send emails. You can create registrations for upcoming events and much more. You even have control of who has access and you limit the control of how much access they have.

File Manger

The File Manager is an amazing hard drive.  Here is where you store all of your documents, images and media files. You can create as many files as you like and it is very simple to use.  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your files in your own set of folders and subfolders. You can organize the files by keyword or index which enables them to be easily searched by users. You have control over who has access over which files.   If by chance one of the users renames or moves a key file the Internet Image Team will take care of maintaining the reference file so that it will not affect the public view of your website.

Page Archiving

In the event that you have removed a page from your website, it’s quite possible that you may want to use that particular page again at a later date.  This tool is great for Annual Events, Seasonal Pages, Group Registration Info, Holiday Activities, Record Keeping and much more.  With Internet Image Team page archiving you can easily move pages in or out of the archives at any time and it’s easy to find the information that you moved.  As long as the page is archived it can’t be seen on the website however you have the ability along with whoever you grant access can preview the page at any given time and bring it back to active status.

Media Suite

Internet Image Team establishes the bar when it comes to setting the standard for media sharing online. (This is included with most website plans at no additional cost) You have the power to bring into or join together videos from third-party sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can organize your media by date, series or by any other categories that you come up with.

Section/Group Navigation

Internet Image Team gives you the option to have within each section of your website its own navigation bar. The navigation bar in each section is automatically updated each time you publish a page to the website in addition you have the power to display, hide, publish or re-publish any page or form into your menu.  There is no limit to how many links you can add, and you can organize them to your liking.

Page Editing System

The Internet Image Team page editor makes it easy for even the most intellectually challenged individual to be an all-star web designer.  If you have experience or are familiar with popular word processing software then you will be amazed at how easy you can edit web pages. Website edits can be made from anywhere and anytime you have access to the Internet. You have the power to control every aspect of a page, such as fonts, colors, images, and tables. Our web editing software makes this the easiest way to be a webmaster!

Page Publishing

Internet Image Team gives you the upper hand to create and edit each page on your website.  If you want to remove a page while you’re working on it, it’s easy.  By changing the page to status to unpublished, this will preserve the content of the page while automatically removing it from the website so it can’t be seen by the public. This is an awesome way to save a page with seasonal information that you might use at a later date. So there is no need to delete a page and re-create it, just change the status from unpublished to published, and it’s ready to use again.